AiPayGo Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy explains in general terms how AiPayGo collects, holds, uses and discloses your personal information. Your privacy is important to AiPayGo.

This Privacy Policy may change from time-to-time in accordance with our business requirements and/or changes to the law. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be updated on the AiPayGo website: Please take your time to read through our privacy policies. We may also issue specific privacy collection notices from time-to-time relating to particular products or services


The types of personal information that we collect about you will depend on our relationship with you, the circumstances of collection and the type of service you request from us. The personal information (or data) we collect may include:
  • your name, gender, date of birth, contact details, passport details, mailing address, phone number, email address, image and answer to a security question (for example, mother’s maiden name or pet’s name);
  • when you share your information, with family and friends, using any AiPayGo affiliated products & services, and carry out your requests relevant for our products or service, or for anti-fraud purposes.


We may collect, use, transfer and disclose personal information about you for any purpose when you use our products or services, make a payment or update your information in order to use our services, register to receive our newsletters or other communications, register to be part of one of our other services and products, tell us about your preferences using our services and products, enter into one of our rewards programs or competitions, visit our websites, complete one of our surveys or otherwise interact with us.

We may collect information regarding the customer including occupation, language, addresses, area code, ID, location, and the time zone where a AiPayGo product is used so that we can better understand customer behavior and improve our products, services, and advertising. Please note that we may also collect information regarding customer activities on our website and from our other products and services. This information is collated and used to help us provide more useful information to our customers and to understand which parts of our website, products, and services are of most interest. This collection of data is considered non-personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. If we do combine non-personal information with personal information the pooled information will be treated as personal information for as long as it remains pooled.

What you need to know is that the personal information we collect allows us to keep you up-to-date with our latest products and software updates. As well as collecting information directly from you, there may be occasions when we collect information about you from a third party. These third parties may include financial institutions including credit card companies, services providers and or otherwise interact with us on your behalf including our service providers and third parties that run competitions, promotions for us and marketing leads;


We may use your personal information for the following purposes:
  • to provide and administer our services, including verifying your identify; contacting you about your personal details; processing payments; training our staff; testing our systems; and managing your interaction with our partners and service providers;
  • to provide and operate our competitions, promotions and events;
  • for customer support, including resolving and providing assistance in relation to using the services and products or responding to other inquiries or requests;
  • to ensure the safety and security of your personal and other information investigating security issues and create, develop, operate, deliver, and improve our products, services, content and advertising, and for loss prevention and anti-fraud purposes;
  • to conduct marketing activities for our products and services, or products and services of third parties, and to conduct market and other research to improve our products, services and marketing activities;
  • to maintain records and comply with our legal obligations, including laws relating to privacy and banking law;
  • to maintain records relating to your date of birth, to verify identity, assist with identification of users, and to determine appropriate services; and
  • for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products, services, and customer communications.


We may disclose your personal information to others in connection with the use of the services and products, including our service providers, including those providing billing and accounting services;

We may also disclose your personal information to our services providers, suppliers and third parties that perform other services for us in connection with the use of the services and products, including third parties who: provide customer service and operate call centers, operate some corporate functions, conduct market research and analysis, provide marketing services, provide services in the course of investigating a complaint or a security incident and manage our share registry.

We may also disclose your personal information to comply with our legal obligations, including to various law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and governments around the world and their service providers for security and screening purposes.

Your information may also be shared between companies within our related entitles and its subsidiaries to provide or improve our products, services and advertising but it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes. AiPayGo can disclose personal information with subsidiaries as long as the purpose for sharing is related to the reason the personal information was originally collected.

When we temporarily share your personal information to organizations who perform services for us, we require those organizations to protect your personal information as strictly and diligently as we do.


We hold your personal information in a combination of hard copy and electronic files. We use third party information system providers who may store or have access to your personal information.

We may combine personal information we receive about you with other information we hold about you. This includes information received from our partners or third parties. AiPayGo shares personal information with companies who provide services such as information processing, extending credit, fulfilling customer orders, managing and enhancing customer data, providing customer service, assessing your interest in our products and services, and conducting customer research or satisfaction surveys. These companies are obligated to protect your information and may be located wherever AiPayGo operates.

It may be necessary by law, legal process, litigation, and/or requests from public and governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence − for AiPayGo to disclose your personal information and may also disclose information about you if we determine that for purposes of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary or appropriate. We may also disclose information about you if we determine that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or protect our operations or users. Additionally, in the event of a reorganization, merger, or sale we may transfer any and all personal information we collect to the relevant third party.

AiPayGo takes the security of your personal information very seriously. When your personal data is stored by us, we use computer systems with limited access housed in facilities using physical security measures. Data stored in the Cloud is encrypted, including when we utilize third party storage. When you use some AiPayGo products, services, or applications, the personal information and content you share is visible to other users and can be read, collected, or used by them. You are responsible for the personal information you choose to share or submit in these instances. For other personal information we hold, we will provide you with access for any purpose including to request that we correct the data if it is inaccurate or delete the data if we are not required to retain it by law or for legitimate business purposes. We may decline to process requests that are frivolous/vexatious, jeopardize the privacy of others, are extremely impractical, or for which access is not otherwise required by local law.

To make sure your personal information is secure, we communicate our privacy and security guidelines to our employees and consultants, and strictly enforce privacy safeguards within our company.


In the course of providing our services, we may disclose your personal information to companies within the AiPayGo companies and third parties located overseas who assist us in providing our services and associated services, and law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities and governments for security purposes. Our websites, products, applications, and services may contain links to third-party websites, products, and services. Our products and services may also use or offer products or services from third parties. Information collected by third parties, which may include such things as location data or contact details, is governed by their privacy practices.


If you would like to request access to, or correction of, your personal information we hold about you, please contact us using the contact details in the section titled ‘Our Contact Details’. We will provide you with access to the information we hold about you, including for the purpose of correcting or updating that information, unless there is an exception which applies under the Philippine Data Privacy Laws.

We may recover from you our reasonable costs of supplying you with access to this information. However, we will not charge you for the making of the request or to correct or update your personal information. Your request to provide access to this information will be dealt with within a reasonable time. If we refuse to provide you with access to, or correct, the information, we will notify you of our reasons for the refusal to the extent required and how you may complain about the refusal.

You may have the right to access your personal information contained in AiPayGo documents.


All the information you provide may be transferred or accessed by entities around the world as described in this Privacy Policy. We abide by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross Border Privacy Rules System. The APEC CBPR system provides a framework for organizations to ensure protection of personal information transferred among participating APEC economies.

AiPayGo will take reasonable steps to protect personal information regardless of the country it is stored in or transferred to. AiPayGo has procedures and data transfer contracts to ensure this occurs.


Despite every effort to protect your personal information, there is always a possibility that a breach of our security may occur. In this event AiPayGo will:

  • seek to identify and secure the breach to prevent re-occurrence;
  • notify persons whose personal information has been breached;
  • notify the regulator in accordance with the Philippine Data Privacy Law governed by the Data Privacy Act;
  • if the breach is significant, and criminal activity is suspected, notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities; and
  • post a notice on our website advising our customers of the breach.


If you have any questions or concerns about AiPayGo Privacy Policy or data processing or if you would like to make a complaint about a possible breach of Philippine Data Privacy Laws, please contact us on our website. You can always contact us.

All such communications are examined and replies issued where appropriate as soon as possible. If you are unsatisfied with the reply received, you may refer your complaint to the relevant regulator. If you ask us, we will endeavor to provide you with information about relevant complaint avenues which may be applicable to your circumstances.


AiPayGo is required to review and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes to AiPayGo’s Privacy Policy will be published, including the effective date that the Privacy Policy is updated.

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